Countdown of my 10 most-read blog-posts of 2017:


The Nashville Statement on Transgender Persons and Their Friends: A Call For Signers to Withdraw Their Signatures


7 Interesting Things About the Book of Joshua: Why Most Scholars Think It is Not an Accurate, Historical Description


Excluding Women from Church Roles: Introduction to Problems With Citing Scripture to Do So


Same-Sex Marriage and Homosexuality in the Bible: Both Sides (Part 4, Polygamy & the Biblical Definition of Marriage)


The Boston Declaration:  5 Problems With It and How to Fix Them


Same-Sex Marriage and Homosexuality in the Bible: Both Sides of the Debate (Part 1, Sodom)


Exodus 20:11 and 31:17 — Often Cited by Young Earth Creationists — Do Not Necessarily Refer to Six, Consecutive 24-Hour-Days


The Nashville Statement: No Scripture, Novel Theology, and Cold


Does the Bible Instruct Christians to Break Ties With Gay Friends and Family? – Considering “Giving Your Child to the Devil”

The above one, #2, was difficult to write as it addresses a heart-breaking situation, but, like so many difficult things do, it gave me an opportunity to think more in-depth about several theological issues and helped me to see Christ clearer.

… And my #1 read blog post of 2017 …


The Boston Declaration:  How Not to Appeal to Evangelical Christians

I’m slightly embarrassed that this one is #1 because it is a bit snarky and I usually don’t write that way (I think …), but sarcasm seemed like the right way to make the important point expressed by the post.


Thank you for reading these in 2017!