Only 10 new articles, including this one, were published at Authentic Theology in 2021, the least since it began in 2016.

The most-read this year were about the Churches of Christ’s relationship with racism and sexism.

Excuses, Excuses

It was a busy year, and I wrote a lot, just not for Authentic Theology.

The prison at which I preach remains closed due to the pandemic to those not viewed as necessary, including those helping with religious services. As much as I hate it, I think it’s a reasonable decision, given the proximity of those incarcerated to one another and the risks they face.

As a poor substitute, I provided written prayers and sermons about once a month that are shared among those incarcerated there.  Each is limited to two pages, front and back.  They might not look like it, but it took a lot of work to prepare these.  It would have been easier if they could be longer!

I also researched and presented a paper at the 2021 Stone-Campbell Journal Conference, one on pastoral care via preaching for persons incarcerated on Death Row.  This is a topic that has been on my mind and continues to be. I published some of that paper in a first and second part at Authentic Theology. Researching, thinking, and writing on this subject took a great deal of time.

And, most taxing, I read loads of books and wrote loads of papers for the Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.) program of which I am a part at Lipscomb University.  I’m about half-way through and am hoping to graduate in 2023.

I’m bi-(tri+-??)vocational, also practicing law, and was rather busy with that pursuit in 2021, too.

Sounds like a lot of excuses!

Most-Read Articles

The most read of the 2021 articles at Authentic Theology:

It criticizes a book on racism by four Churches of Christ ministers as flawed in multiple ways, including an overly narrow racism definition, failures on systemic racism, a male-centric approach, dearth of theological sources considered, ambiguities, and non-engagement with racism in the form of a variety of kinds of sin.

The most-read article overall this year:

About 25,000 read this article, which focuses on scripture that contradicts the common assertion that women ought not preach, read scripture, lead prayer, etc., in church services.

The next two most-popular articles:



Thank you for reading in 2021!

I hope next year is a great year for you and for us all. 

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Sources & Notes

Most-read articles at Authentic Theology in 2021 consider the Churches of Christ’s relationship with racism and sexism.

What are your thoughts on these articles and subjects?

The 10 articles published at Authentic Theology in 2021 constitute the lowest-output year for the site since it began. I offer excuses for this in this article, too.

I would love to hear suggestions for topics in 2022.

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